P500, Where Your Wallet Goes To Die


Well, I backed Turmoil. Would you believe it is my first ever Kickstarter or other crowdfunding pledge of any kind?


No, I don’t believe that … that’s just not possible! :open_mouth:


Seriously considering.



Yes, that one has definitely caught my eye recently.


Not strictly Stately Playful, but there’s probably enough overlap that I can get away with posting this; the latest adventure game from the Myst guys, Firmament, is nearing the end of its KS campaign, and it looks as if funding will be a squeaker. Their previous title, Obduction, was good stuff that I enjoyed thoroughly, though I found the ending a little rushed; the final, unreached, stretch goal was for an additional chapter, and it rather felt the lack of it. This time round though we’ll be getting a complete story assuming it gets funded at all, so it’s worth taking a look at. http://kck.st/2UWiRNN


Splotter spotters!




Hmmmmm interesting.


Already preordered. Will 10/10 buy anything that says Labyrinth.

(cue David Bowie jokes)









I have to think that fancy minis for Brit would be a significant downgrade from cardboard counters; it’s a game where you really need to be able to distinguish a colour’s different nation units at a glance. I’ll stick with my FFG edition, thanks.


I have a new girlfriend. I cannot back this.


Holy shit, I don’t blame you. Sixty five lubs for the game, and shipping not included. Good thing shipping board games is famously cheap! It’s this a new KS trend, to not include shipping?


To know it is to love it. Obsession expansion Upstairs Downstairs is on KS.


Theme at least is a little different here.