OPERATION EX-LAX; Or: Clearing out the backlog


That is true…it is also a great way to justify an unplayed truckload of steam sale purchases cough

Finished TERRANIGMA yesterday. One of the very few SNES Classics PAL territories got over US NTSC back in the day (ENIX US office folded - Nintendo published it in EU).
It was the “final” Quintet game and boy did they know how to make a bittersweet ending, emphasis on the BITTER!

On topic, a couple of years ago I vowed to try toppling the Backlog via the “only one game per system played at the same time” doctrine.
Which (despite the number of systems and platforms I own) worked quite well for a time. Over time my resolve weakened (too many new shiny things and releases) which lead me to the current state of affairs.

I reset the stance anew. And it worked yet again. Terranigma took me 25 hours to complete (even discarding 1-2 hour side content) which is a respectable clock time for a SNES RPG in my books.

Now to the gruesome process of choosing the next game to play on my SNES classic mini.