Match 3 game suggestions?

Unfortunately, nothing that hit her sweet spot. I did play Scallywags for a while, but it got too frustrating.

Back in 2007, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords on Nintendo DS was an innovative blend of match-3 and RPG mechanics which created an entirely new take on the puzzle genre and went on to influence a swathe of hybrids in a similar vein. Publishers D3 Go! have now announced that original developer Infinity Plus 2 is bringing a 1080p remaster with new content to Switch on 19th September in the form of Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns , and anyone who enjoys stretching the ol’ grey matter and matching three gems together should be very excited indeed.

Feature: Puzzle Quest Creator On Remastering A Classic For Nintendo Switch

I’m excited, and will be picking this one up for the Switch! :sunglasses:

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I heard that!

But we don’t have a Switch!!! :sob:

(and not interest in really getting one)

My secret hope it’s that the remaster will come someday to iOS.
I’ve contacted the devs about that, but nothing so far.


The answer was a resounding NO.


That surprises me, Gems of War is out on about everything, to include the Switch this past March. :slightly_frowning_face: I’m curious as to why … it sounds like they are leaving easy money on the table, but they are in a position to know.

I can’t help but wonder if perhaps their comprehensive cash shop of Gems of War on iOS is being protected from the competition of a quality premium release? Is this further evidence of premium games for the Switch audience, IAP nonsense for the iOS audience, which is what the two audiences seem to expect/embrace? That wouldn’t be out of line with what Nintendo is doing, except Nintendo seems more interested in using mobile to drive interest to their more robust premium Switch offerings of their IPs. :thinking:

It’s probably some exclusivity contract and the fact that they can sell the same game for a much higher price on Switch.

I’m hoping some sort of PQ HD remaster will arrive on iOS sooner or later.

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Same here. That and Hero Emblems 2 finally coming out!

Failing that, for someone burned out a bit on Hero Emblems and looking for iOS, I believe at the end of the day I would second the recommendation for Gems of War. It had a good bit of the PQ “magic”, and I only did a bit of IAP to reward the devs for their excellent work, I never felt it was anything but optional.

My top two iOS match-3 would be Hero Emblems and Gems of War.

I know a match 3 game that’s quite special and interesting because it’s also an RPG, it’s very addictive, with good animation here’s the link