Ideal Tournament Games


I’d second Summoner Wars.
Carcassonne would be great too. I think they added some expansions I haven’t fired up yet.


Another Summoner Wars rumble would be great. Could even do a 5 for 5.

Carc is fun with the right expansions…some of them are really painful in a MP setting.

Eclipse has also gotten much better. Neuroshima Hex is still just as good :slight_smile:

I miss Summoner Wars more though, especially with Playdek’s great multiplayer.


Haven’t played summoner wars for ages.

Small World 2 is a great tourney game with the hidden scoring, and I love a bit of Agricola / Brass / Waterdeep.

Oh and of course Neuroshima Hex


Was it small world 2 we tried to play recently but they had messed up private lobbies in an update? Something like we all had to be online at the same time to launch the game


last time i played SmW 2, the end game scoring was totally broken.
only one player got to see the result.
no update since then, i think.

and yes, we had problems to start a game with friends!


Days of Wonder just has insane problems with its lobbies. Ticket to Ride is the same way.

The DoW design team needs to realize that not EVERY SINGLE OPTION needs to be shown on one screen. It’s UI 101.


Is Splendor asynch?