Gaming with Kids


A friend at work taught me how to play Backgammon about 10 years ago. We played daily for a while, but have dropped off to only playing once every month or two now. I have yet to beat him.


Not to hijack the thread but one of the games I wish for on iOS is backgammon with a decent AI


I’ve been looking for a decent backgammon game to play and never found one that I liked. I haven’t looked for a few years, so maybe there’s one out there now. I don’t really care how good the AI is, I’ll lose to it regardless.


If / when you find it, let me know…


So I gave my 6 year old “My Little Scythe” for Xmas and have so far played 2 games with her and 4 year old twins.

Almost zero strategy, but they live the idea of competing objectives for Trophies. Relatively quick game too (unless I am doing it wrong), but mostly I Seek resources into the kid that is next to win :slight_smile:

Anyways, sweet game. That and Art of War (present for all of them) went well on early Xmas


Oh and also have the Switch with Kart and Smash Bros. Kart is excellent with the “font fall off edges thing”. And now the kids play Smash Bros when the Switch is off… but fighting each other :smiley:


So I had bought Tales of Equestria book and the starter set (probably not worth the money as I did not need the dice, but wanted the adventure screen, the extra adventure, and figured having the printed character sheets would be nice for the first time my wife and daughter tried an RPG).

Today we started the first adventure in the main book, the pet one. They are in the market square, Fluttershy gets there, asks if they can help pet sit and my 6yo is all “no, watch your own pets!” And that was what our session was like. But she started to get the hang of it.


I seriously need this!


Five year old started with Disney Monopoly Junior the other day after getting it for Christmas and it was a hit. Trying to make Saturday game night a thing so when they get older it still sticks around.


Has anyone played Bakugan?

I’m kind of a sucker for toy gimmicks and this game seems to fit right in that category. I have no idea how good of a game it is, but rolling little spring-loaded marbles that spring open into monsters sounds fun.


I was just stuck at home in the freezing cold for three days with a 4 and 6 year old, so if I sound a bit insane, that’s why…

While holed up, I put Minecraft, Portal Knights, and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 on my sons’s iPad. He can read very well, but it was really cool to see him learn to navigate the games and build things. I put all in creative/sandbox mode and let him build away. I like watching my kids be creative and the games went over pretty well. He will get more out of the game when he gets a bit older and can understand the intricacies better, but it worked to keep him from getting too
stir crazy.