Fort Sumter: The Secession Crisis arrives


I played a game this evening where the AI’s first turn as grey took over two minutes. I’ll happily note any patterns I happen to come across and send them through your bug report portal.


Playdek released a Steam update and should have iOS and Android out shortly (if not already) with an AI fix.

Apparently it wasn’t programmed to correctly take into account the pivotal spaces and how the players are using them.

Supposedly means it’s much better.


The update should also fix the AI taking more than 12 seconds to make a decision in certain situations. Let me know if you see any more extended thinking.

We’ll be releasing another update shortly with a fix for 4 cards that are implemented correctly. The “transfer” cards that allow to remove tokens from the board and then add 4 back onto the map should allow you to use tokens from your token pool.


That’s awesome!

Thanks for being so quick with these changes.


Hey, Gary.

I just noticed something, though.

The complaint I’ve seen on BGG about this is also that the game is letting you use tokens from your crisis track. It should only be allowing them to be taken from your token pool.

Is that what you mean (i.e. what the update will change)?


Where are you seeing complaints about it?

This is exactly what I’m saying we will fix in the next update. Those 4 cards will only be able to add tokens to the map from your token pool.


Last few posts of this thread on BGG

Glad to hear that this is being fixed quickly.