Counterpoint: The new Command & Conquer and Star Trek mobile games are shit


Stop being so pragmatic, dammit.


From TouchArcade: Nintendo’s 2018 Revenue Split across All Games Reveals Just How Much of a Juggernaut ‘Fire Emblem Heroes’ Is Compared to the Less Successful ‘Super Mario Run’

It’s hard to fault Nintendo for putting FTP IAP on phones, and premium games on the Switch, that’s what the market seems to reward, and premium games on their own hardware sounds like a win-win for them. I’m not familiar with the Fire Emblem games, but I would be surprised if they deviate from a money making strategy on which platforms see which versions of Fire Emblem.

I wish they had put a different premium game up, rather than a “runner”, and see how it fared, but I think that ship has sailed.


The argument is essentially beating a dead horse, but I really wish all this f2p nonsense would go the cosmetic route. If you make a good game you can make boatloads of cash through cosmetics. Just look at games like Fortnite or League of Legends. I just can’t stand when actual gameplay is gated behind purchases or where the “game” is more or less a shiny skin on a slot machine.


Fire Emblem: Heroes was so focused on hooking whales it might as well be a harpoon. The free rewards we pretty generous, but if you wanted to compete at the top-tier, it would cost several hundred dollars per month.

The bar for Dragalia Lost is a little deceptive even though it has all the F2P mechanics. It didn’t come out until late 2018, but looks like it is off to a strong start.

This doesn’t inspire confidence in the upcoming Mario Cart game.