Cardboard Critique: Black Sonata


I can’t stop thinking about how mad I’m going to be if the title for the sequel to The Greatest Showman isn’t at least as clever as “The Second Greatest Showman”.


Came in the mail today and it is seriously all I can do to not tear it open and get her something else.


Dude, you really undersold just how nice this is for such a budget production. I’ve paid twice as much for games whose components were half as nice. This is so well done.


Yes, you’re right. I got caught up in the mystery of how everything actually works, but the components are top notch.


We played it together, and it was super fun. A lot of co-op games are really solo games in disguise, but I think this is the opposite!


I’ve played it coop with my kids, and it does work really well. The deduction part totally draws them in, too, which is something I didn’t expect.